breakout Session 1

Onboarding New Leaders

How do you teach new volunteer leaders the fundamentals of leading a group? We'll tell the story of an “aha” moment that completely changed our approach to training leaders.

Developing Your Groups Strategy

Can your team tell you why groups matter and the principles behind them? We’ll share our key principles and questions you can ask to create the most intentional and successful groups in the context of your specific church.

Four Characteristics of an Influential Leader

To have influence, you need the right posture for approaching people that see things differently than you. Learn how to develop leaders that move toward culture and meet the people they lead where they are.

Investing in Women

Content description to come.

Tensions in Group Leadership

Anyone who has led a small; group knows there are tensions in leading one. Since most group systems are dependent on volunteers leading their groups off campus, a small group is the least programmed, least controlled, most organic ministry a church can offer. In this breakout we will talk about some of the most prevalent tensions in leading a group and things to consider when addressing them. 

Double Talk Track // Launching: Getting Off on the Right Foot

These two talks will present a strategy for starting new groups effectively:
Learn best practices for the crucial first 90 days of a group. We'll give you some practical applications for helping launch groups well for both leaders and members.