breakout session 2

Groups in the Workplace

How do you reach those that may never set foot inside your church walls? We’ll talk about creating a nonthreatening environment for people outside the faith to discover their best next steps in their spiritual journeys.

Handling Polarizing Conversations

More and more, people have diverging thoughts about what is going on in the world. Learn best practices for handling polarizing conversations and helping your leaders do the same in their groups.

Making Vision Stick

If vision is about what could be and should be, why are you stuck with what is? Learn how to communicate your vision in a clear and compelling way in order to influence your organization.

Motivating Singles to Join Groups

Singles make up 40 percent of the U.S. population and 30 percent of our churches. We'll explore unique strategies to get singles to move from rows into circles.

Teaching Theology for Life and Leadership

How do you equip leaders theologically—not so they have all of the answers, but so they can have helpful conversations with those they lead? We'll share the unique way we combine teaching with conversation to equip people for life and leadership.

Double-Talk Track // Enlistment: Leader Pipeline

Hear two talks about what we do to recruit and vet leaders. There are people in your church that would make great group leaders. Explore strategies for finding, vetting, and approving them.