Breakout Session 3

Connecting Adults to Groups

How do you convince an adult to take a first step into a small group? In this breakout, we'll talk about GroupLink and Short-Term Groups as strategic first steps that encourage people to enter into community.

Groups Ministry With or Without Staff

Creating a groups ministry can be tough, especially if you don't have a team to do it. Learn how we coach churches in building a groups ministry, with or without staff.

Measuring What Matters

Measuring ministry effectiveness is the only way to know if you're making progress. But how do you know if you're asking the right questions and gathering the right data? We'll show you what our ministry dashboards look like and how the information we gather reflects and influences our progress.

Mobilizing Small Groups to Serve

How do you cast a vision that makes serving compelling and attractive for groups? We'll share what we're learning about equipping small groups to give, serve, and love in their communities.

Providing Care Beyond Group

A group provides care to its members. But what happens when someone needs help beyond what a group can provide? There are ways to support group leaders and members outside of group as they face things like grief, addiction, mental illness, or parenting an LGBTQ+ child. We'll explore the church's role in providing care outside of group.

Double-Talk Track // Development: Making Leaders Great

Explore ways to support volunteer leaders in two talks. Once you've placed volunteers into leadership roles, it's vital to coach and pastor them well. For group leaders to succeed, you should develop them around what they need to know, do, and be.