breakout session 4

A Starting Point

The church should be a place that attracts people who are far from God. You have to give people a safe and easy first step toward meaningful conversations about faith. We’ll introduce you to principles for creating helpful and compelling next steps for people who are curious about or new to faith.

Developing Your Groups Strategy

Can your team tell you why groups matter and the principles behind them? We’ll share key principles and questions you can ask to create the most intentional and successful groups in the context of your specific church. (This breakout is also offered during Breakout Session #1.)

Leading Groups Without Leaders

What do you do when there aren't enough leaders for your groups? We'll tell you about the challenges we've faced and the strategies we've created to fill the leadership gap.

Questions That Lead to Self-Discovery

When you have an others-first mindset, you ask questions instead of offering answers. Learn how asking good questions is essential to our development as leaders.

What We Can Promise in a Group . . . Really

What we think community should be and what it actually is don’t always match. We’ll equip you to create alignment between your vision and reality and then communicate clear and realistic expectations for both leaders and group members.

Double-Talk Track // Connections: Creating and Marketing Events

Check out these two talks about connecting adults into community. If you want your groups ministry to thrive, you have to create a connection strategy and market long-term community to attendees.