Breakout Session 5

Creating a Strong Leadership Culture

Finding leaders is an ongoing challenge for most groups ministries. We’ll explore how a culture built on three key characteristics produces more leaders who are more effective.

Encouraging Unity in a Group

People are messy. How do you create a cohesive group made up of people with different personalities and backgrounds? Learn how to embrace each individual so your groups can thrive.

Mentoring the Millennial Generation Through Groups

What are you doing to reach the next generation? We'll explore what we've learned from our Just Married and Just Grad groups.

Onboarding New Leaders

How do you teach new volunteer leaders the fundamentals of leading a group? We'll tell the story of an “aha” moment that completely changed our approach to training leaders. (This breakout is also offered during Breakout Session #1.)

Reaching and Engaging Men

Men are notoriously difficult for the church to reach. We'll share what we're learning about how to connect, challenge, and develop men.

Double-Talk Track // Strategy: Partner Transfer

Check out these two talks about how to make the North Point model work in your church. When it comes to the North Point vision and mission, how do you know what will work at your church? Staff from Athens Church will share their strategies for success as a North Point Partner. And, if you don't have the resources to hire dedicated staff, consider the coaching model. Staff from Northpoint Church in Austin will talk about how it has worked for them.