Because life is better connected.

May 7-8, 2018

Because life is better connected.

May 7-8, 2018

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The re:group Conference is a chance for your Groups team to regroup on your strategy for creating a vibrant Groups culture in your church. Andy Stanley and Clay Scroggins will lead our main sessions and you will have over 30 breakouts to choose from. We will focus on practical topics around creating or transitioning into a groups ministry, recruiting and training volunteer leaders, casting vision, spiritual formation, resources for groups, and an overall regroup for those needing to inspire their groups teams.

This is our chance to share a little about what we've learned so you can take practical information back to your church and make it better. We look forward to encouraging your team in developing volunteers and growing your Groups ministry in its next season. Because we believe life is better connected.

re:group... because life is better connected.

2018 Schedule

8:30–10:00 am
Main Session #1
10:00–11:30 am
Lunch – Provided
11:30 am–12:45 pm
Breakout Session #1
12:45–2:00 pm
Onboarding New Leaders

How do you teach new volunteer leaders the fundamentals of leading a group? We'll tell the story of an “aha” moment that completely changed our approach to training leaders.

Developing Your Groups Strategy

Can your team tell you why groups matter and the principles behind them? We’ll share our key principles and questions you can ask to create the most intentional and successful groups in the context of your specific church.

Four Characteristics of an Influential Leader

To have influence, you need the right posture for approaching people that see things differently than you. Learn how to develop leaders that move toward culture and meet the people they lead where they are.

Investing in Women

Content description to come.

Tensions in Group Leadership

Problem solving never ends in ministry. We never have all the answers we need. We'll talk about some current challenges and how we're trying to overcome them.

Double Talk Track // Launching: Getting Off on the Right Foot

These two talks will present a strategy for starting new groups effectively:
Learn best practices for the crucial first 90 days of a group. We'll give you some practical applications for helping launch groups well for both leaders and members.

Break – Snacks Available
2:00–2:30 pm
Breakout Session #2
2:30–3:45 pm
Groups in the Workplace

How do you reach those that may never set foot inside your church walls? We’ll talk about creating a nonthreatening environment for people outside the faith to discover their best next steps in their spiritual journeys.

Handling Polarizing Conversations

More and more, people have diverging thoughts about what is going on in the world. Learn best practices for handling polarizing conversations and helping your leaders do the same in their groups.

Making Vision Stick

If vision is about what could be and should be, why are you stuck with what is? Learn how to communicate your vision in a clear and compelling way in order to influence your organization.

Motivating Singles to Join Groups

Singles make up 40 percent of the US population and 30 percent of our churches. We'll explore unique strategies to get singles to move from rows into circles.

Teaching Theology for Life and Leadership

How do you equip leaders theologically—not so they have all of the answers, but so they can have helpful conversations with those they lead? We'll share the unique way we combine teaching with conversation to equip people for life and leadership.

Double Talk Track // Enlistment: Leader Pipeline

Hear two talks about what we do to recruit and vet leaders:
There are people in your church that would make great group leaders. Explore strategies for finding, vetting, and approving them.

Break – Snacks Available
3:45–4:00 pm
Breakout Session #3
4:00–5:45 pm
Connecting Adults to Groups

How do you convince an adult to take a first step into a small group? In this breakout, we'll talk about GroupLink and Short Term Groups as strategic first steps that encourage people to enter into community.

Mobilizing Small Groups to Serve

How do you cast a vision that makes serving compelling and attractive for groups? We'll share what we're learning about equipping small groups to give, serve, and love in their communities.

Groups Ministry With or Without Staff

Creating a groups ministry can be tough, especially if you don't have a team to do it. Learn how we coach churches in building a groups ministry, with or without staff.

Measuring What Matters

Measuring ministry effectiveness is the only way to know if you're making progress. But how do you know if you're asking the right questions and gathering the right data? We'll show you what our ministry dashboards look like and how the information we gather reflects and influences our progress.

Providing Care Beyond Group

A group provides care to its members. But what happens when someone needs help beyond what a group can provide? There are ways to support group leaders and members outside of group as they face things like grief, addiction, mental illness, or parenting an LGBT child. We'll explore the church's role in providing care outside of groups.

Double Talk Track // Development: Making Leaders Great

Explore ways to support volunteer leaders in two talks: Once you've placed volunteers into leadership roles, it's vital to coach and pastor them well. For group leaders to succeed, you should develop them around what they need to know, do, and be.

Dinner – Provided
5:45–7:00 pm
Main Session #2
7:00–8:30 pm
Breakout Session #4
9:00–10:15 am
What We Can Promise in a Group . . . Really.

What we think community should be and what it actually is don’t always match. We’ll equip you to create alignment between your vision and reality, and then communicate clear and realistic expectations for both leaders and group members.

Leading Groups without Leaders

What do you do when there aren't enough leaders for your groups? We'll tell you about the challenges we've faced and the strategies we've created to fill the leadership gap.

Developing Your Groups Strategy

Can your team tell you why groups matter and the principles behind them? We’ll share our key principles and questions you can ask to create the most intentional and successful groups in the context of your specific church. (This breakout is also offered during Breakout Session #1.)

Questions That Lead to Self Discovery

When you have an others-first mindset, you ask questions instead of offering answers. Learn how asking good questions is essential to our development as leaders.

A Starting Point

The church should be a place that attracts people who are far from God. You have to give people a safe and easy first step toward meaningful conversations about faith. We’ll introduce you to principles for creating helpful and compelling next steps for people who are curious about or new to faith.

Double Talk Track // Connections: Creating and Marketing Events

Check out these two talks about connecting adults into community:
If you want your groups ministry to thrive, you have to create a connection strategy and market long-term community to attendees.

Break – Snacks Available
10:15–10:45 am
Breakout Session #5
10:45–12:00 pm
Onboarding New Leaders

How do you teach new volunteer leaders the fundamentals of leading a group? We'll tell the story of an “aha” moment that completely changed our approach to training leaders. (This breakout is also offered during Breakout Session #1.)

Encouraging Unity in a Group

People are messy. How do you create a cohesive group made up of people with different personalities and backgrounds? Learn how to embrace each individual so your groups can thrive.

Reaching and Engaging Men

Men are notoriously difficult for the church to reach. We'll share what we're learning about how to connect, challenge, and develop men.

Creating a Strong Leadership Culture

Finding leaders is an ongoing challenge for most groups ministries. We’ll explore how a culture built on three key characteristics produces more leaders who are more effective.

Mentoring the Millennial Generation through Groups

What are you doing to reach the next generation? We'll explore what we've learned from our Just Married and Just Graduated groups.

Double Talk Track // Strategy: Partner Transfer

Check out these two talks about how to make the North Point model work in your church: When it comes to the North Point vision and mission, how do you know what will work at your church? Staff from Athens Church will share their strategies for success as a North Point Partner. And, if you don't have the resources to hire dedicated staff, consider the coaching model. Staff from Northpoint Church in Austin will talk about how it's worked for them.

Lunch – Provided
12:00–1:30 pm
Main Session #3
1:30–3:00 pm








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